Our story

What have we accomplished so far?

August 2021

We’re contacting clinicians in our home countries to share insights on the latest research frontier and our plans for a transnational clinical network.


We’ve arranged a meeting with one of the most interesting gene therapy companies out there. It’s good to put the SATB2 gene on their radar!

The National European flags in 2007

We’re recruiting people who can help us translate information to different European languages. 

frame fb

On August 22 we’re celebrating SATB2-associated syndrome awareness day.
We’ve got a new frame for SAS supporters on Facebook: WeAreSATB2

Stethoscope, cardiogram, medication on a blue background with copy space, top view.Concept of heart disease, cardiology.

We’re researching and discussing different options for patient registries. 


We’re in contact with families in Portugal, trying to connect them with each other.


We’ve finally got our legal entity approved by the authorities. 

July 2021

We helped a researcher get 25 testimonies from families with real life experience of SAS. Bench to bedside has never been closer!


Our Instagram account is up and running.

June 2021

Our first newsletter is out, meaning we have an efficient way to get out important news to our families and friends.

Communication group of different people. Social media concept. M

We are now talking with 13 SATB2 researchers on a regular basis


Researchers have started to contact us! They want to know how we can work together.


We met with the newly founded De Stichting SATB2-Syndroom Nederland-België, representing SATB2 families in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was a great meeting!

May 2021

We onboarded Nancy and 2 other very motivated parents. Together for change!


We recruited 3 new researchers to the SATB2 Syndrome Research Community on Facebook. Creating opportunities to connect families and researchers for exchange of experience and ideas is one of our missions.


We got a very generous gift from Asociación Española SATB2 – they decided to share their fantastic logotype with us. We love it, and especially how it shows two of the most prominent characteristics of the SATB2 syndrome!


We onboarded our first new team member!
Sonia from Spain joined us with a ton of energy and skills in marketing.


We met with SATB2 families in Germany and Austria and got so many new volunteers!

April 2021

We met with Asociación Española SATB2, representing ~20 SATB2 families in Spain.


We set a list of detailed goals for the CureSATB2 initiative during 2021. 


We met with Association Française du SATB2 representing ~50 SATB2 families in France. This national organisation already has a lot of inspiring activities!

March 2021

One of our founders got a scientific paper on SATB2-associated syndrome published.


We were in contact with SATB2 families in Slovenia.


We contacted SATB2 families in Finland, and they wanted to support us!


We met with SATB2 families in Poland. Wow, what a response!
And we got some great support with simultaneous translation, how cool is that? 

41340242 - diversity teamwork strategy brainstroming vision planning concept

We finished our Strategic Plan, setting our vision and missions on paper. 


We met with SATB2 families in Italy, all very cheerful!

February 2021

We managed to set up a working IT solution to accelerate the teamwork.
Email addresses and a technical collaboration platform will help us in our daily work.


We published our website at satb2europe.org.
A first version, that will improve a lot over time.


We were in contact with a SATB2 family on Iceland. Halló!


We were in contact with SATB2 families in Serbia.


We decided the name of our new organisation – SATB2 Europe. 

January 2021

We met with SATB2 families in Norway and they were positive about our initiative!


We met with SATB2 families in Sweden and Denmark that encouraged us to work towards our goals!

December 2020
Driving on an empty asphalt road through the idyllic fields at sunny day. Concept vision for a new beginning with a sign start and an arrow towards the sun.

The idea of SATB2 Europe and the Cure and Care initiatives was born during the winter 2020/2021. Six dedicated parents with the joint goal of changing the odds for our children started to meet virtually.

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