Our mission is to drive and support research related to SATB2-associated syndrome.

CureSATB2 is aimed at helping individuals affected by SATB2-associated syndrome gain better health and a more independent life through research efforts and development of targeted treatments and cures. It is an international initiative, meaning we strive for collaboration with researchers, companies and caregivers globally.

Our agenda

  • To expand our network of SATB2-related researchers and clinicians.
  • To act as a strong partner in collaboration with organisations, hospitals, universities, laboratories, and other important stakeholders sharing our interests.
  • To inspire scientific collaboration and create opportunities to connect people from all¬†translational segments.
  • To expand current scientific resources, such as the clinical registry, animal models and the human biobank, and raise their availability.¬†
  • To promote SATB2 research by:
    • Funding/granting relevant research projects or researchers.
    • Actively collaborating in research projects.
    • Connecting potential participants within the SATB2 community to studies and trials.
  • To host events where caregivers, researchers, medical providers, and industry partners can learn from each other.
  • To share news about relevant academic publications, ongoing research and trials, available scientific resources, grant opportunities and other important activities.

How can I help?

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