We will raise awareness about SATB2 syndrome and share available resources within scientific communities worldwide and within European healthcare.

How we will fulfil our mission

  • We launch awareness campaigns targeted at medical staff and aimed at:
    • Recognition of symptoms and early diagnosis.
    • Early evaluation and prognostics.
    • Implementing accurate interventions and treatments throughout life.
    • Guidance to helpful information, available clinical resources, and expert contact details.
  • We share news about relevant academic publications, ongoing research and trials, available scientific resources, grant opportunities and other important activities.
  • We participate in and create opportunities and events for knowledge-sharing between different stakeholders.
  • We raise awareness about SATB2 syndrome within the rare disease community (become a member of EURORDIS; a European alliance of rare disease patient organisations). 
  • We create educational or informative content that can be used to spread awareness to a wider or targeted audience.
  • We become partners of other organisations that share the same or similar goals.

How can I help?

We welcome everybody! We need help with very varying things. Both research and medicine related things, but even more with tasks such as IT, Design, Communication, Translations, Finance, and other related things.

Email us at for more information!